Kit Requirements

The vast majority of your child’s equipment needs are provided by the LFA.

However, all children attending are expected to bring a few important items with them.


Children require a football kit (shorts/socks/top) or tracksuit dependant on weather conditions. No jeans or shoes please.
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Children also require football boots. These should be either ‘firm ground’ (lots of small studs), or ‘soft ground’ (fewer longer studs) dependant on the weather conditions. Trainers can be worn during warmer months but provide little grip or waterproofing on wet days.
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Shin pads are also very important, particularly when football boots are bring worn by the majority of players. These should be worn at all times when playing.
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An important piece of equipment often overlooked is a water bottle. Your child will drink between 2 – 3 litres of water every day at soccer school. In the interests of personal hygiene, a clearly identified water bottle is essential. Glass bottles are strictly prohibited.
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Children are also requested to bring a hat and sunscreen. The vast majority of our courses take place outside where there is little protection from the sun.

Finally, children must bring a packed lunch with them to soccer school. We ask that children do not bring any fizzy drinks or glass bottles.

You can purchase your kit through the LFA store (COMING SOON).