Childcare Vouchers

With more working parents than ever in the UK, finding affordable, reliable childcare is becoming even more important.

As a provider of quality childcare, the London Football Academy can help you find the right life/work balance.


We accept childcare vouchers!

What are childcare vouchers?
Childcare vouchers are provided by your employer to help pay for certain childcare costs. These can offer you significant savings and are easy to redeem.

My employer doesn’t provide childcare vouchers, what can I do?
Ask your employer to set up a scheme and it will benefit you both. There are a number of suppliers.

What are the benefits?   
You will not have to pay income tax and national insurance contributions on the first £55 per week or £243 per month of childcare vouchers. If both parents claim, this can be a significant saving, up to £2390 in tax/NI every year if you are high rate tax payers.

Who administers the childcare vouchers?   
There are a number of organisations. The Academy is currently registered with Busy Bees, Care4, Edenred, Sodexho, Kids Unlimited, Fideliti, YouatWork, Computershare and KiddiVouchers.

If you have a different provider, we are happy to register with them too. Providers cover their costs by charge a small percentage of the amount of vouchers you claim. This may be paid by your employer, or you may have to cover the cost.

How do I pay for the childcare vouchers?   
Normally, it will be deducted from your gross wages by your employer or you will be sent an invoice by the provider to give to your employer.

How do I give the vouchers to the LFA?   
You will either be given paper vouchers for us to redeem or we will receive the funds directly into our bank account.

My vouchers don’t cover all of my childcare fees, what do I do?
In this case, you will need to make up the additional amount.

How to use your Childcare vouchers!

Step 1:
Email us at info@londonfootballacademy.co.uk the name of your childcare voucher provider and the details of the course you wish to book

Step 2:
We will email you back with the relevant account number for your voucher provider

Step 3:
Contact your voucher provider instructing them to pay us the required amount along with your child's name and course details as a reference

Step 5:
All done! Your voucher provider takes care of all the rest in processing your payment

Family Tax Credits
As an Ofsted (EY408350) regulated provider, parents who qualify for Family Tax Credits can also claim back a percentage of the cost of their booking.

For more information visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/benefits/tax-credits

Step 4:
Email us to confirm payment has been made along with a receipt or transaction reference.